As my fingers trace the line of your cheeks
I see the wonder of your precious face
Your gorgeous ebony eyes blaze
Like stars that call in the night's grace
When I look up at the endless sky
My breath opens to a fever high
Your lips taste like moonlight
Nurturing cravings of warm delight
I feel the fire in your heartbeat
That's the way you make me feel complete
My senses have been held hostage
Teasing a rapture that cannot be silenced
Flowering a yearning exquisitely nuanced
The appeal in your voice as your lips speak
I sigh at genuine love's intrigue
Love is chaotic and bittersweet 
A magical storm one cannot defeat.

# Lyric

50 thoughts on “Dreaming

    1. Dear sweet Maggie, love the sensible, intellectual and compassionate viewpoint that you always bring forth in all the sincerity of your generous heart. It’s metaphysical in its intense meaning. Bless you πŸ€—β€οΈ. Stay safe.


    1. Well, thank you for that very nice compliment about my work , Drew.

      I am well, my dear .. I am happy to see you back.
      Poetry sure is a special instrument of true friendship 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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