Algorithm Of Hope

Writing itself word after word
A poem calls to me
In the sanctity of inspiration
Ambrosia of euphoria
I try to interpret life
Pain sets the equilibrium
Admonishing and still giving enlightenment
Wisdom often hurts
Illusions lose their spark
Future is an abstract
Precision clocks break up time
Into darkness and light
Time....hauntingly quiet...slipping
Into an eternity of anguish
Perfecting the imperfections of truth
Hope loses its heroism
Just an algorithm in the schematics of fate..

I dream of lines to write
My memories become
Traces of a poem.

76 thoughts on “Algorithm Of Hope

  1. WOW, so much to like in this piece, Yassy–very impressive. I love “sanctity of inspiration”, “illusions lose their spark”, and the whole part about Time–as well as the final 2 lines. You’ve exceeded your own excellence, my dear.

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    1. I love the wow factor, Avia .. I am so happy this verse speaks to you .. it’s the tangible of perception that speaks to you. There is a rich freedom in writing, me thinks . It’s like burning the flame of art warming this bond of camaraderie between us.


  2. Great poem, loved the line ‘wisdom often hurts’ as it reflects the truth – raw, real and often imperfect just as your line states ‘Perfecting the imperfections of truth’, thanks for sharing. Peace and blessings! πŸ™‚

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      1. You are welcome, Yassy.

        Awww…bless you my friend.

        I’ve been okay…ups and downs with my aniexty & stress of what the world is going through. And I’ve been writing a lot of new material that I will be posting soon. I’ll be posting more ‘July 6, Monday’. How have you been?

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