Poetically Yours

A poem is an expression of truth that cannot be expressed in plain words …

# Monoku

54 thoughts on “Poetically Yours

  1. Yes, I like to think that poetry is definitely so much more than words. It’s very much audio visual too. It’s everywhere around us. For me, I am very shit at expressing my emotions, except when I do it in some crazy convuluted form, through poetry…

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    1. Yes, poetry is heart and soul of language.
      So crazy is good, I think. Better to be crazy than madly sane, if that makes sense to you .
      Anyways , write what you feel like writing. It’s you and I welcome that.

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    1. That is soooo cute , Avia. You write beautifully..
      I am okay. And how are you faring?
      Sending you lots of laughter and smiles πŸ’–πŸ€—


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