The Virus Effect

Earth somersaults

On its axis β€”

The sky spins

A universe unplugs

74 thoughts on “The Virus Effect

  1. What a great choice of images. Thank you! I’m not convinced we’ll ever get back to ‘normal’ — particularly since ‘normal’ was already abnormal. I pray we’ll take this wake-up call seriously.

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  2. Hi Yassy!
    First of all, thank you so much for always visiting and liking my posts! I’m truly honoured to have to have you as my reader! Thankx much!
    Coming back to the post, this must be mentioned, our dark reality! I hope and pray for all of us to get out of this pandemic with good health!

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  3. Excellent and brilliant poem. It also reminds me of this song from ‘Nine Inch Nails’

    Nine Inch Nails – Your New Normal (Audio Only)

    If you think about it…we’re living like this in current time. Just listening to the instrumental song…it gives one an anxiety because we’re all never going to be the same after this. It’s our new normal.

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    1. Thank you, Charlie.
      The world never has been a normal place. I wonder what it will really take to make humans human again.

      Thank you for the song. I have to tell you another thank you for introducing me to NIN.

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      1. You are welcome, Yassy.

        It’s going to take a long while for humans to be fully adjusted to their normal selves around other humans. Connection of course.

        You are welcome…Glad you enjoyed the ambient sound. It fits with our current events.

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