Firefly Gumball

Fireflies wing on a starlight dream
Unwrapping darkness' chemise
Pirouetting amber to gleam
Fireflies wing on a starlight dream
The Ursa swathed in aurum stream
Waking the fire, stirring the moon
Aureus of a glowing rune.
Tracing color in night's darkness
Flaring the space between the trees
Constellations light up the starkness
Tracing color in night's darkness
Braille that makes up the eyes brightness
Like nymphs on a dappled trapeze
Tracing color in night's darkness
A sky glazed with a velvet breeze....

# Triolet

Magnolia Reveries

Alphabets become jeweled figurines
Like studded stars drip-dropping
Sparkling confetti on a magnolia vignette...
I sit in quiet solitude breathing in the solace of sepia memories...crocheting a borealis in my solstice day
Syllables of Monet hues flame
A potpourri of poesies
Galaxy's champagne
Serenades my rosette fire
Kaleidoscopic eloquence
Needling a mantle of chrome waltzes
A phonographic euphoria
Etching a musky interlude
Of shared tears
Radiating scarlet of an Amaryllis quill...

Oh! Barista

The Chicken gambled to get her eggs scrambled
The Salmon smoked and generally rambled
Jack Cheese did a salsa on corn tortillas
The Latte laced whipped cream as panacea.
French Press went gourmet as Amaretto Bean ambled.
Avocado sat with its balsamic dressing
The cabbage went red to see meatballs messing
Pumpernickel slapped on some eggs and cheese
Only then did my hunger appease
As Angus trotted out with Dark Roast brewing..


When Adam and Eve wanted someplace to hang out
Where all of heaven's rules they could flout.
The apple tree gave them a pad where they had their fling
And then, generations of nations began to swing.
It was a new world order
Where even sin did not bother.
The veggie pea pod came under apple's wing
Turned it into an ipod that  could sing.
A world of technology without honesty
Where peace was only text book philosophy.
There was horror of war everywhere
And from disease people began to despair.
The virus turned into a hunting spree
Bringing man down on his knee.

If they could see the world now, they would be frightened
Adam and Eve would never have imagined
The world they left behind 
Is now inhumanely blind..

Post Trauma

Post trauma 
Is a place 
Where you try
To find a place
To put your pain in.
But pain does not fit anywhere..
There is no place for an anguished mind
Except in ones own body..
In my post' Trauma ' a few days back, comments from fellow bloggers touched me greatly..
GP Cox..bravo hats off to you
Ramone ..🤗
Ajibola go boy ...
Avia..I hear you
Venessa..from saynotoclowns 😇
James Garratt
Andy Proctor 
Thank you all for some home truths,and  wisdom wisely dispensed . I appreciate your honesty and generosity in reading and commenting.
Have a great week , guys.
Always wonderful sharing stuff with you'all...