In The Eye Of The Corona

It's like living in a submarine
Torpedoed in quarantine.

Bacillus becomes a biometric
A wake-up call going ballistic.

Defying mother nature's laws
Showcasing our human flaws.

Binge buying panicky stockpiling
All in all, my appetite is dying.

Eating right,  fighting fit
Our system needs a health permit.

Looks like an apocalyptic virus
Giving man the price of being lifeless.

A pandemic becoming a tragedy
Epiphany for man's fragility.

149 thoughts on “In The Eye Of The Corona

  1. This is so well written! I am finding it difficult to tackle the current events of the world without it becoming very dark. Yet here you have addressed things in a matter of fact way, yet shared the feelings of fear and concern that many are feeling so beautifully. Well done!

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    1. We need to find our own way , Brad. The world is a confusing place to be .. we need to keep our heads and I think you are doin great πŸ‘, your wonderfully insightful comment leaves me feelin happy ..

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  2. That is brilliant, Yasmin. I’ve not left the house for 4 days now as I’ve got – another – cold. It’s just a cold but the advice is to stay indoors, so that’s what I’m doing. Somewhere along the way creativity is sat in its own house waiting, like me, for a chance of seeing daylight again. Your poem says it all ~ George

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    1. Corona is eating everyone’s brains out , creativity is at a low. I am surprised I even wrote this. I am as surprised as my writer’s block brain.
      Your cold likes you , George , that’s why you always seem to have it. And you are too decent to shoo it away so your nursing it in your house.
      You will be making great music and writing awesome lyrics just as soon. ~~Yasmin

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      1. Do you have it bad where you are? Apart from idiots taking no notice of important things they should be doing, it’s like England is empty. Thanks for the kind words, Yasmin ~ George

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      2. No one I know has been affected. But I think government is hiding numbers . It’s silly really , people here can’t or won’t follow basic hygiene and now we have this corona , and I am sure something else will come next , this is what happens when you abuse the natural environment.

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  3. Praying for the whole world right now. That we keep our heads about us, our compassion, not let fear overcome us. If worst happens to us do we want the last things we did to be fighting with others over supplies or giving a helping hand? Beautiful poem as always about a very not so beautiful situation πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you for asking, young Yassy. I’m rather enjoying being locked indoors avoiding determined virus germs. Devoid of daily, irksome, minor decisions about unimportant this and that matters, that frankly bore me rigid, is a pure joy. β€˜Tis akin to being in gaol out of choice! I trust you are safe and sound.

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  4. So true Yassy, this virus storm has everyone in a panic and is forcing solitude. Although getting to know yourself and your loved ones are a good thing, panic is not. I just feel that society should be cautious, not crazy and there will be light at the end of this tunnel.

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    1. Exactly πŸ‘. You are right about what you say .. it’s crazy stuff but I wear no mask and use no damn nothin on my hands .. just stay put , stay calm. You stay calm too , Wilde 😊

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  5. Well this is well written and touching. But i don’t think we should call ourselves lifeless or as such. Because since day man kind invented the fire we started a race with the nature. So since then we both have been running this race. There is no end to that. Sometimes natures passes us and we do that vice-versa. There is no backing down now. But what we can do is continue our race with least possible damage to the nature and stay in the game. Because human kind needs to be survived. We have survived far worst that this. We just need to stay in the loop and support to the concern authorities. Stay Safe Everyone.

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  6. Very good indeed and fine words depicting the situation around the globe. Although I do think the 7th line could be tweaked a little into “binge-watching, panic buying” would make it one notch better. Just a suggestion, since the binge-watching part, is totally true in my perspective. He-He.
    All-in-All, a great work! Keep it up, Ma’am. ^__^

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