dolce far niente


a breath of love
wraps me in its embrace...
as i lie dreaming 
under scarlet and violet hues
of subtle odors
lingering in the satiny air..
i lie dreaming in
the embrace of my reveries
 i dream
as moonbeams fall
on midnight dew
brushing somnolent blooms
glazing sleeping wings
moonbeams glitter 
on a breath of love
as it wraps me in its embrace
like nuptials of a new day
day and night twine
at the witching hour..
a surreal bequeathing..

i feel a pain 
in my heart
like an open wound
i feel it bleeding
before i drift off...
and yet
I live..

#vers libre



82 thoughts on “dolce far niente

  1. I could feel all the raw emotions in this one, and the smell of gardenias, which is my favorite scent of flower, was right there too. Wonderfully written. 🌺

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  2. First is the concept of the picture used. I could see the bright side of a negative.
    I don’t really know much about flowers. But I love the preciseness of your words. So easy to relate with. You’re doing well

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    1. I love the way you perceive this verse. Your perception of the picture is interesting too. It’s all in the eye of the beholder and the viewpoint of the reader.
      Thank you for your thoughts on this. Stay safe .


  3. My favorite dessert wine, almost ever – the peaches, the sunshine. I’ve been to Far Niente in my life before this one and I still keep a bottle in the refrigerator just in case someone comes to eat dinner and I happen to make a dessert worthy of this wine.

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