Open Sky

Open sky;

It’s almost like

I have wings to fly

76 thoughts on “Open Sky

      1. Struggling. We can’t get to the stores or supermarkets and everyone has bought evrything! Plus just general fear as everyone feels 😊 thankyou for asking xx

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      2. It’s not people are going to crap more than they already have on this planet. It’s mother nature’s way of saying wisen up.
        But seriously, I hope you get what you need and soon. Sending you hugs , Lorraine.

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      1. So surreal–I wake up everyday thinking it’s all a dream…and then it starts up again, haha!! But the amazing thing is that the few people I have contact with agree with me–chill out, it WILL pass!! This is a blessing, because I don’t want to be around the people who are panicking–let’s spread positives. Seriously, my faith and humor keep me going! 🙂

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      2. Yes, I am not feelin scared of anything at all. And you shouldn’t be too. I am glad you are feelin the awesome faith and strength in all of this. Take care of yourself sweetie. That you have to do anyways , virus or no virus.wohoooooo❤️😊🤗😝👍😍


      3. You’re so right, dear heart–we must be reasonable and take care of ourselves no matter what’s going on. You are such a delight–HUGE HUGS sent to you!!💕

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      4. Can’t afford to lose your head even if the rest of the world is losing theirs.
        You be good , Avia. Stay healthy. You know what’s best for you. ❤️🤗warm hugs 🤗


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