A Poem For Me

I write so that my heart can survive
I know that only poetry can revive.

There are things I can't tell anyone
They think I'm silly or just having fun.

Writing keeps my sanity, helps me stay right
Helping me not to give up without a fight.

Like, a sorry is more than an emotion
When hello becomes a goodbye, a teary solution.

Maybe my heart is made up of glass
Too fragile to face life's tough class.

Grief is a bruise that pain cannot control
I'll try to wear a band-aide on my soul.

This poem looks for the right lines, words
To convey all of the emotions stirred.

I still feel short on what I have to say
I think, I still found a way to, anyway.

Maybe, this is not a poem at all
Just my keyboard going for a spin , to sprawl.

113 thoughts on “A Poem For Me

  1. I’m liking all the verses. This one ‘Grief is a bruise that pain cannot control
    I’ll try to wear a band-aide on my soul’ could easily be the opening lines of a classic lyric ~ George

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  2. I like the imagery you used! I guess we humans are all born with hearts made of glass. I still remember a similar comparison in Kenzaburo Oe’s “The Changeling” where the main protagonist hangs the sign “Fragile” on himself in the airport. I guess the most beautiful verses and phrases and words are all born from these broken glass hearts πŸ™‚

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    1. We are all fragile , yes , but then we are strong too. It’s a beautiful medley of emotions that spill into verse and I am glad you come read my work and voice your sentiments on the same.
      Thank you 😊

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  3. Really like that post. It seems you and I have something in common in the way we write our poetry. And thanks for stopping by my website I really appreciated it. The problem I’m having is everybody likes my work, but no one is leaving any comments. Go figure. Blessings and peace to you. Claudia

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