A bird flew over the cuckoo's nest
Nursing a little one at her breast.

The bird saw clouds gamble with the morning sun
Then the rain coughed up some codeine fun.

A murmuration flew into the pouring rain
Hitch hiking into an aeroplane.

Flying west without any rest
Getting wet in their best dressed.

Cloudy, dowdy, summer storm
In the lightening, a mushroom form.

Cactus seed, cactus thorn
Out of the thorn, a rose is born.

In a garden full of thistledown
Flowers wearing their scented gown.

Yzaguirre, fire, electroshock
A tub-room with a padlock.

A psychedelic moment in the booby hatch
Birds perched into a bird'-watch.

#comedy #fun #movie

34 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. The rhythm and flow is like the bobbing and weaving of a bird in flight. Delicious, delicate, and transient. The play on scene touches on the comedic and the insane. Open and close are both vividly powerful. Well written, playful kitten!

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      1. gambol as in ‘play’ or ‘caper’ or ‘frolic’ – yes! ‘Gambit’ is a strategy with a limited likelihood of success, often used as a chess term. 🙂

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