Razzberry Rhinoceros

There once lived a Razzberry Rhinoceros
Who lost his raspberries and became dolorous
He went to the jungle to find some
He came away, dissapointed, glum
The French 75 made him frivolous.
He rode into the sea on a Jager Bomb
A Dark &Stormy cocktail settled his nerves, made him calm
When he sighted his Old Maid By the shore
He could not take it no more
He stuck out his middle finger from his palm.

Please dont make sense out of this limerick.Limericks are not supposed to make sense anyway .
A few days ago i went to a place called The Razzberry Rhinoceros and even though I don't drink, I am fascinated with the names of these alcoholic beverages.
The ones that got my goat were French 75, Dark&Stormy cocktail, Old Maid By, Jager Bomb. so i got a real kick doing this crazy verse,,sonething to take away the monday blues .

32 thoughts on “Razzberry Rhinoceros

    1. Thank you πŸ€“πŸ˜ yeah I did lol I have a ball checking out booze names geeezz totally freak out , you should check out my Irish Tango post , another old timer bar that has a fun booze menu 😎

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      1. Send me the link if you have it!!! I just published a new poem myself ❀️❀️❀️ thank you for giving me such confidence boosts my magical, mystical, mythical muse

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  1. I kinda liked how the story went and it probably would have sounded intoxicatingly sweet to a drinker which I’m notπŸ˜‰. But I have heard of some out of these world alcohol beverage names too and Jager Bomb is one of them. They should have one called Intoxicating Ode, I’d know the perfect bartender!

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  2. You are a master of the form! I love the playfulness and shaded reference to cocktail names. It is important to find the fun and laughter in the world we share, and you did just that. Thanks for the smiles! 🍷

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