Perfecting Poetry

Blood moon:
Guides the wisdom in her heart

Silvered by stars
Tasting the fragrance of it
Dancing because
She wasn't born to walk mute...

Tugging at her heart-strings
The beat of words
Awakening heartbeat--

In the moonlight
She weaves verses
To walk the cosmos
The distance becomes words
Sweeping her off her feet..

Warmed by the 
Gentle touch of a smile;
It becomes the sum of all her senses..

Perfecting her poetry::
Keeping her awake as she dreams in her sleep..

86 thoughts on “Perfecting Poetry

      1. ATTENTION ALL PARTICIPANTS, the competition ends on Tuesday at 12a.m.
        Until then you may change your poem into a different one and I can delete the old submission if you are not satisfied.
        The winner and runner ups will be revealed on Wednesday.


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