On A Fragrant Trail

I dance with the wind on a fragrant trail.
Blooms in the meadow beckon me
I stroll across the grass, over the vale
I hear trilling birds flying carefree
Verdant dale delights in its own melody
I fling myself to nature's beauty
Where lush boughs tumble balmy bounty
A redolent zephyr whistles and hums
I breathe Gaea's fragrant serenity
And meander among dew-kissed blossoms.


56 thoughts on “On A Fragrant Trail

  1. When Yassy moves his consciousness along the paths of Gea
    the atmosphere is enriched with her most pleasant ideas.

    [ Cuando Yassy desplaza su consciencia por los senderos de Gea
    la atmósfera se enriquece con sus más gratas ideas. ]


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