Chasing Dreams

Moonlit night--
Your smile takes away
the shadows.

A moment in time--
In the night's stillness
The scent of you.

Turning the darkness-

The Milky way sings
Fragments of dreams.

The hush 
of solitude....

The distance
The universe
And words
Between us...

The taste of a poem
All things said
And unsaid-
On my lips..

The night melts away...

Dawn comes--
Nightingale's song
Stops my

In the gentle strokes
Of your brush--
New blooms....

#Senryu # Haiku

84 thoughts on “Chasing Dreams

      1. You are a sweetheart to have thought of me in my absence…truly, I thought about you and other wonderful blog friends as well. It’s a wonderful world here–which is why I come back πŸ™‚

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  1. much sweet imagination in the poem with amazing metaphor like the shining gem.gorgeous.specially last stanza is most beautiful and lovely for me”The taste of a poem..
    All things said or un said-
    On my lips …
    The nights melts away….
    Dawn comes–
    Nightingale’s song
    Stop my breath…
    In the gentle stroke of your brush—
    New blooms…..” I love these lines very much as feelings of my heart,my dear yassy!!❀

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