I Feel Snow

In the Navajo white of wind's play
I reach out gently with my arms
Feeling the first hush of snow
Brushing, dipping, curving
Lattice of meadows
Rune of snowflakes
Twinkling like
Evanescing mystic afterglow
A crowning of winter solstice
Where fireplaces kindle
The thawing of season's
Celestial chill;
Sun's frozen
Iris smile


79 thoughts on “I Feel Snow

  1. A beautiful rendition of the Nonet form. It is visceral in its setting of the scene, exquisite in the capturing of emotion, and flows like rain water to the sea. I hope you won’t mind if I include this as an example of the form in my series ‘Whittled Words’. OF course, it will include your byline and a link to your original work.

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  2. This was very inspiring to me. It really helped reach deep down and give me the confidence to write my first blog post. I hope mine will become remarkably successful as well. Yours definitely had with amazing content like this. Many blessings to you times infinity. May you have a prosperous 2020! Happy New Year!

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    1. I am sure you will , Jasmine. Thank you very much for your wonderful thoughts. I am truly honoured with your comment.
      Peace and happiness to you , wishing you a very successful 2020 , delighted to connect with you here. Cheers and happy blogging .


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