My fingers blossom
My breath becomes myrrh
As I meditate
Into my chasteness
I become the calm.

Where my soul meets
Spirit's quietude
Hourglass waltzes
To being released.

I balance
To become
The woman

I want
To be


#Diminished Hexaverse

72 thoughts on “Pensée

      1. Don’t take it to heart, D. Somebody is always going to hurt somebody , that’s the way it works. Lol I been hurt too, cold shouldered, ignored , the works hahaha lol, I am beginning to develop a thick hide. You can pass a tissue if I feel weepy 😭

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      2. That’s too bad. But, in this world, one has to be careful with the company one keeps. There’s a box on the virtual shelf, my friend.

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  1. What a beautiful form! I love diminishing verse of almost any kind. It leads to very strong and poignant lines that lean on very few words to have an impact. You have done great justice to the form with this lyrical and inspiring poem! Bravo! ❤

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