My One Square Meal

Like murdrum, seities are lost
Pullup of life, struggle to live
Denned life of misfortune
Income I eke, meagre paycheck
Survive I everyday
On succus, water and breadloaf
I search in my pocket for halalah
Forever thirsty and hungry
Hungry and thirsty forever
For halalah in my pocket I search
Everyday I survive
On loaf bread, water and succus
Paycheck meagre, eke I income
Misfortune of life denned
Live to struggle life of pullup
Lost are seities murdrum like.

Palindrome words used are below

This is a Palindrome poem I wrote a couple of years ago.I am posting this again because I know several poets here who are interested in various poetry forms, expecially you Brad Osborne @commonsensiblyspeaking. 

A Palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or other sequence of  characters which reads the same backward as forward. Composing literature in palindromes is an example of constrained writing.
I call it disciplined creativity.

51 thoughts on “My One Square Meal

  1. Wow! My palindrome word to describe your work and talent Yassy, you are just beyond this world. I agree that takes a level of concentrated discipline and the heartfelt story you put into it, no matter how you read it….backwards or forwards, it’s simply beautiful emotion.🌹🌹

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    1. Roy, you are a sweet one , so happy to have you as a friend , no, not because you say the nicest things by because you have the purest of hearts. I have known you a long time here and you have never changed. I guess I will be friends with you even if I stop blogging here.
      You make me smile with your joie de vivre attitude. Love to you and Sona❤️🤗

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      1. Your friendship means so much to me and to us, and yes we do go back and you’ve always been so kind and amazing too. Yes, we’ll always be friends dear Yassy, and don’t utter those words about not blogging 🤔….what would Sparkling Freeze do?😉❤️
        Sona and I send our love back to you for you make us smile with your words and support.🌹

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      1. Nope, I definitely can’t write this form. It takes me a few days to pen a sonnet. Figuring something like this out would take months and I’d probably end up losing my mind before nearing completion. Some poets just have it 🙂

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      2. Sounds surreal to me , the way you talk. Losing your mind duh 😒, come on, it doesn’t make anyone a less of a poet if they don’t write in form lol you know what I mean touché

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      3. Lol… mind losing and whatever is beyond surreal 🙂 Yes, I know what you mean. No worries, though, won’t be trying one any time soon. 🙂

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      4. Nah, it is surreal surreal , sounds nice surreal , well, I ,need your mind , if you give it to me i don’t mind , it will be a clever find because your brain is creatively disciplined

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      5. Oh, the rhymes… only poets can rhyme. It takes me a long time to find words that fit together to make them rhyme. Another form I stay away from 🙂

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      6. I like all the work of most poets here , rhyming doesn’t matter D. Poetry doesn’t necessarily have to rhyme , don’t box yourself into thinking that if you don’t rhyme you can’t write. 🤓

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  2. “A man’s gonna do
    what a man’s gonna do
    when he’s got a hungry
    mouth to feed.”
    ~ Bob Dylan

    Thank goodness we don’t live
    by bread alone. Imagination
    is the power of creation from
    the spiritual zone 🌈 ♾️🌟👀

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  3. You are consistently surprising! That is exceptional work, considering the form seems like it would be a true challenge to write. And yet you make it look easy. Thank you for pushing me and for the shout out! You are the best! ❤

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