The Jasmine Revolution

The hard face of freedom
Beckoning people to martyrdom
By the people, for the people
For future generations to come.

It is like the devil's decree
People know not where to flee
The blue blooded menace
Turning blind eye to people's plea.

In this civil resistance strife
Lost is the value of life
Sitting cozy in glass houses
Their exrtavagance rampant, rife.

Hang in there people, stay steady
Even though blue waters turn bloody
Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya
Soon a status quo of victory.


36 thoughts on “The Jasmine Revolution

  1. What a battle cry to revolt against socio-economic oppression. And you capture in it the Rubaiyat form so beautifully. You have a mastery of form that adds such strength to your beautiful words, it leaves me a bit jealous of your art. Well done!

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    1. You know , Brad. I feel a little guilty lol if I don’t write in form , it’s silly of me to think like that because poetry is poetry in any form.
      Well, look who’s talking. Coming from someone who excels in various forms, it’s a huge compliment. I am scared I won’t do justice to some of the forms you do on your blog 😔

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      1. I sometimes get stuck in form too, and though all forms have their art, I do believe that writing to form is not only an exercise to hone a person’s writing skills, but also what separates writing a poem from being a poet. You always include free form in your art, so you have nothing to feel guilty about. But you can’t tell me it doesn’t feel good to move people just as strongly while solving the verbal puzzle that is strict form. Their is no justice to be done to a form, it is but a canvas for you to paint on. Keep painting! 😊❤

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      2. Yes, I totally in agreement with what you say. It’s a challenge, is writin in form. A kind of creative discipline! And that sense of satisfaction is immense. You know how it feels, I am sure. I love your understanding of poetry and what it means to write.

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      1. I’ve gone coastal on the Gold Coast.
        It’s Summer way down south of the
        Equator, so what better the hanging
        ten at Surfer’s Paradise, where the
        weather is nice. The rest of the land
        here is drought stricken, and being
        ravished by fire. It’s no place for the
        nonsense of a climate change denier.

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    1. It’s a never ending process and the struggle will continue all over the world. I am happy to say that there are people who still have a conscience and are not afraid to say their bit.

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  2. I think you can add Iran also in this list, though the rhyme will not be so perfect as it is 🙂
    dear Yassmin, I feel your sense and understand it as I see what is happening in Iran right now, how the young people give their life or are taken arrested by the horrible Mullahs regime.
    Thank you for giving the same anger as mine in such a beautiful rhyme. 💖🙏💖

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    1. I know what is happening in Iran too. Bad things are happening everywhere even where I live , Alaedin. We can’t do anything my friend , they will life hell for us. It’s not about who is innocent. It’s all a political thing. We are having a tough time here too , Alaedin. I see no hope.

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