Appaloosa Dawn

Appaloosa dawn- 
A Meadow-Lark sings 
On the Prairie.

Blackfoot country-
Mustang packs a dusty trail
Smell of fresh coffee.

Camping among pines 
In the Blues-
Plate of beef and beans.

Woodsmoke drifts-
Whisper of light in the mesquite
Am mighty short on shuteye.

Cottonwood trees sweep
A Sego- Lily moon--
The river rolls.

Night air comes down from the mountains gathering the darkness in the  cry of cicadas. I dip my inked fingertips in the rolling river, inhaling the moistened winter sky...elm trees shape words on my parchment.
There is a flash of lightening, a far off rumble of thunder..I feel a mite of rain on my eyelids.

Moon wanders 
As I sleep...
Moonflowers whiter than the moon...

Between sleep and dreaming, I learn something new about you...

54 thoughts on “Appaloosa Dawn

  1. Back trail wandering, places to reinvigorate your soul. Nature gives us a view if we’d only stop to see. Lovely read, now pass the pot with the boiled coffee beans 😉 🌎✌🏻❤️

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  2. My new favorite from your collection of work. I traveled space and time during this read. I’ve always loved old Western movies, and this piece has that nostalgic feel. Love the mystery ending. The reader’s mind wants to fill in the darkness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I so love western movies and I am a voracious reader of Louis L’amour and Oliver strange.
      Glad you got the feel of the ending. I love giving my readers that perceptive feeling , letting the mind roam in the vastness of imagination 😊

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  3. With every line Yassy, you took a lasso and roped your readers into your poetic planet, every verse was a vacation spot where we could see the actual images from your words! It’s astounding how you bring things to life and give syllables sounds that can be heard from the page!! Beautiful piece lovely.🌹

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