Night Sky

Sapphire figurines sequin sky
Embroidering velvet darkness
Festooning vault to beautify
Sapphire figurines sequin sky
Embracing a virgin crescent, shy
Stardust trails the ebon chasteness

Sapphire figurines sequin sky
Embroidering velvet darkness.

# Triolet poem

48 thoughts on “Night Sky

  1. I honestly don’t know how you do it. Pouring yourself out into print. Does it sometimes make you tired, like exercising. Or does it exhilarate you, or like an exhale. I ask because when I write things that are from within, I get physical reactions. If that makes sense. Like if it is about my anxiety, it triggers the anxiety. Or sad, triggers sadness? Good things trigger happiness? I guess because it does that to me if I write. it amazes me that you are able to do it. Not only do it but pull us in, although I shouldn’t speak for all of us, but at least me.

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    1. Of course I feel tired sweetie but then I take a break. Writing should be fun and also cathartic , it’s good to release your anxiety through words.
      I simply want to bond with you through words and I am thankful to you for reading and saying such wonderful things wow I feel on top of the world. Thank you my sweetness ❤️🤗

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      1. You are a star , Maggi. In a sky of stars but you glitter the most. Some ethereal quality about your beauty. An innocence that comes from a pure heart. I see it on your visage 💜🤗

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      2. There you go making me smile again 🙂 If I had a dollar for every time you make me smile I’d be rich! But I count the words, the love you give to be more valuable than all those dollars, or gold, or riches in the world 🙂 The riches you give me could never be measured on a material scale.

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