Carousing Hummingbirds
Sky parades a flutter of wings

Peeping through 
Hued foliage

Butterflies, bees comb the blossoms
A lilting sapphirine playground

Feathers twirl
Amethyst rush

Aurai play violins
Waft like fiddler's notes on the breze

Brush the senses

Awakening the muse
Reminding me of nature's beauty

Time's, fate's realm.

The above poetic form here has been introduced to me by Avia Tinder of The Friday Sparrow.
Thank you, Avia.

#Tau Ku 
#Pi ku  

83 thoughts on “Unmapping

      1. From your phone to mine
        From the lap of poetry to
        The top of our brains
        Our efforts are not in vain
        Like an eye for an eye


      2. “Took an un-trodden path once, where the swift don’t win the race.
        It goes to the worthy,
        who can divide the word of truth.
        Took a stranger to teach me,
        to look into justice’s beautiful face,
        and see an eye for an eye,
        and a tooth for a tooth.”
        ~ Bob Dylan

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      1. I love your work , Holly. I think poetry connects us and I am so grateful to be able to read your work.
        Thank you for your wonderful comment. So inspiring for me. You have yourself a wonderful, safe weekend πŸ˜€

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  1. This was such a blessing, warmed me right up πŸ™‚ We are having freezing rain. A “winter storm” they are calling it. I call it cold! Haha Your words gave me the warm feeling of spring, and summer. The beauty and warmth that comes with them πŸ™‚ I hope all is good with you dear Yassy πŸ™‚

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    1. I am well , thank you sweetheart , I hope you are having lots of broth and keeping yourself warm. I can quite visualize you curled up near the fireplace dreaming away , eat well, I feel that you really don’t take good care of yourself. Somehow , that makes me sad.

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      1. I am trying to do better about taking care of myself. There has been so much to do and others need so much some times that I will put myself last. Not whining about it but I need to work on it because if I don’t take better care of myself who will do all this stuff hahaha πŸ™‚ Don’t be sad. You deserve to be happy all the time πŸ™‚ You my sweet friend are the kind of person who deserves all the happiness this life can give πŸ™‚

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  2. A true form of nature’s beauty indeed lovely Yassy, your amazing vivid verbals was amazing and the colors seemed to arise from just reading. You actually have a way of bringing words to life, a gift of few my dear. Unmapping is a treasure you can’t find on the map, this is a piece of art!🌹

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    1. Thank you my good friend, Wilder😎 , I am happy I found you sparkling on this map named WP.
      Your comments always make me grin from ear to ear , am happy happy making happy face eeeeeeeee

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      1. As I am happy happy happy to have been discovered and among your circle Yassy dear. Your words and amazing poetry and support brings unbridled joy to me😁😍. Thank you!!🌹❀️

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  3. “Carousing Hummingbirds” – you caught me with the first line, and reeled me in with the rest. This is an interesting form, where can I find a description of how to write one?

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    1. Tau Ku
      3 lines:Β  1st line has 6 syllables; 2nd line has 2 syllables; 3rd line has 8 syllables
      Pi Ku is half a tau ku:
      1st line has 3 syllables; 2nd line has 1 syllable; 3rd line has 4 syllables.

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