Midnight’s Glow

Moonlit trail
Where pearled shadows dance
Under sky's sparkling souvenirs
My feet dipping into sojourn of charcoal vignettes
In the night's softness, unbounded reveries cradle my soul firing my yearnings.


69 thoughts on “Midnight’s Glow

      1. Well, you are welcome!
        Okay, what are you writing about. I been reading your work and I find your posts interesting.
        I have not heard anyone sayin that before about people , that is.

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      2. I guess myself is the main theme alongside other themes.

        More case work studies than actual writing it feels like.

        As I place text and pictures on a wall while staring at them until more patterns click.

        Like a classic detective with lots of wall space.

        The best way to sum it up would be here is the world through my eyes and feelings type of expressions.

        Others may have noticed the same things, others may not have but the only way to know for sure is if I display it publicly alongside explanations for others to see too.

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      3. From outside and inside like a silent team effort where others provide the blocks in their own ways and I lego them together in my own ways.

        The beauty behind it which I notice is that even though it’s all in english many others from various backrounds are behind those english works.

        So by piecing it all together it not only shows that whether one is a muslim, jew, christian or atheist etc.. doesn’t matter but it also shows that we are all capable of understanding each other and working together towards a common goal of greater peace through those revelations.

        Which is why I bounce at times from being super loving to super dark in order to paint a proper picture of my own views, thoughts and emotions.

        Like brain mapping the self, other selves alongside the universe at the same time.

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      4. That is the reason all of the above reasons I like reading your posts.
        You are doing a fantastic job of putting your intentions out to all of us of s common goal of peace 😊

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      5. Thank you very much again for your kind words and input as to what you like from it.

        As long as even you just enjoy reading them?

        I am satisfied because what more could one ask for when desiring to write other than to be read and enjoyed?

        Which is why I also stick to doing it for free because at least this way I am doing it daily because I love doing it instead of just loving a paycheck as a result of it.

        Not to mention that when a paycheck is involved most writers become tied to whoever pays them’s needs instead of free flowing like I can.

        The only person I hurt is myself if I decide to go off course for a little bit type of freedom.

        Since when there is no money trail involved whether I include others or not is not on them.

        They can easily say, hey that’s not us he’s just some lunatic in order to protect their own selves.

        I don’t want to hurt anyone but I do enjoy exploring all options in order to simply understand what goes through one’s head to feel certain ways.

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      6. Yup! I understand perfectly, no worries. Its cool , don’t worry about what people think. I simply write because I love poetry . I never made any bucks from it , in fact I been published many times over without getting anything, now I write for the sheer joy of writing and mental peace.

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      7. That explains why you enjoy my work, we are alike in many ways.

        Since you started ahead in writing it’s like watching a younger alternate you trailing behind in their own way. πŸ˜‚

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  1. Your words are like the raspberry sucking candies my grandmother used to set out at Christmas. So pretty. And although you’re supposed to suck on them, you can’t help but bite through their outer shell to get to the sweet, delicious, chewy insides πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you for sharing Midnight’s Glow. You painted a beautiful picture and your use of the sequence is amazing. Please forgive my ignorance, I don’t know much about poetry except for the most common types and never wrote a poem until about two years ago. Did you create the poem on a whim using the Fibonacci Sequence, or is it just one of the many styles awaiting my discovery? I’m just getting started as a writer and blogger and I’m humbled by your creativity. Thank you for noticing my first timid steps.

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    1. There are various forms of poetry and how to write them. Just google and it’s damn easy. I too learned, we all do and it’s pretty fun if poetry interests you.
      Happy blogging.

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