A Lone Fisherman

The ozone murmurs

In the silvery gloaming

As a fish quietly leaps

The quivering waves of

A dappled twilight moana

Its breath drawn upon

An opalescent August sky

Whispering shadows etch

Fragile moments

Bringing song of the sea

Filling piscator’s net

With briny scents;

Crepescule colors flicker

Yellowing the marine

Across windswept Neptune

The rising tide

Pulses a refrain ..

102 thoughts on “A Lone Fisherman

    1. Thank you, Lord Zoolon. I think, if I may say so, your photographic talent and awesome lyrics have quite inspired me , to say the least.
      If you see good work , you try harder to do good yourself.

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      1. I’ll tell you what, Yasmin, for once I disagree with you. Your words can turn a dark sky into a rainbow, sometimes without using a single metaphor. When I write I just write what I see. Keep the faith, you’re the best poet in these parts and beyond ~ George

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      2. Thank you, George. You know what, I like the way you write about real issues, social issues that trouble the world. It’s fantastic the way you take on the world, now I wish I could write like that. I have not come across anyone writing like that .
        Real stuff that matters.

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    1. Thank you, Charlie. I guess , it’s good to break the monotony sometimes, writing needs to be fun to the writer and to the reader , as your posts do for us , they let us evolve 😊

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  1. Absolutely fantastic, great poem coupled with beautiful pics. Am I the only one who think there’s no much difference between a desert and a beach?

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  2. Absolutely love the descriptive nature you dispel into your words to bring them to life. The minute your beautiful poetry hits the eyes, images invade the mind like its own poetic film, that’s the effect you have. Simply amazing you are Yassy.

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  3. Yassy! I love that you used these beautiful photos.
    And I agree with everyone… you can take anything and make it tangible to us readers, in such a beautiful way.
    And you have improved my vocabulary as well! πŸ€“

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