Summer Dreaming

A Balassi Stanza

In the gold of sunlight,
I watch birds fly, alight
On lush trees and fragrant blooms;
A carefree, sundry spree.
Wind carouses with glee
Murmuring its bouquet tunes
Where azure skies lilt, blush
A heady summer rush:
Harvesting tangy perfumes.

Monarchs rise from slumber,
Nectarine hued cruiser,
Where ambrosial dreams throng
Meadows, glades evergreen
Dazzling eyes with their sheen;
The air flutes with birdsong
Skylarks, Chaffinchs hum, waltz
On dewed breeze somersaults,
Enchanting me, summerlong.

Balassi stanza can be defined as a stanza or verse form consisting of nine lines with syllable count 667667667, rhyming structure is bbaccadda.
The Balassi stanza is named after Hungarian Balint Balassi regarded as the first great lyricist of the Hungarian language.

99 thoughts on “Summer Dreaming

  1. Oh, my! I’m flabbergasted! This is stunning! My newest favorite-fave from my BFF! When you commented that challenging yourself in another form helps, I was thinking the same thing. It is so beautiful. xo

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  2. I know you will look at Shakespeare in a different light, and many 16th and 17th century poets. Unfortunately you’ll find few women poets in that period, but there were just a few in the New World. American poets of that period were just beginning as women took a different role than in the Old World. There are more and more women appearing up until the imagines who began to look at women entirely (WITHIN LIMITS) but into the 20th century and now so many. AND in there remember Emily Dickinson much like you. Keep writing and reading– you are a fine poet.

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    1. Thank you, thank you. You honour me greatly. Maybe your kind words of appreciation will inspire my dry quill to flow. I am much indebted to you.


    1. Yeah, it’s disciplined creativity, it’s fun sometimes, you’re right, writing becomes a fun challenge if you are looking to write in form. It’s like challenging yourself.
      Thank you 🙏🏼

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  3. “The air flutes with birdsong”. That’s so beautiful. You captured summer. I’m happy to see it go this year, 🤣but in that lovely poem You made me fall back in love with it! If You knew how unGodly HOT it’s been here this summer, You’d understand how much I LOVE Your poem! Thank You, Yassy! Cheers!!! 🙂

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    1. You are a beautiful wonderful person to read my work and say the most amazing things. You have made my day, no no, you have made the rest of my year. You take good care of yourself.

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