Her Twinflame

She sees his face in the white of moon
In azure reveries, she feels his soul holding her in the indigo of night ..
In the hush of sleep, his lips ignite in a moonbeams song..eyes caressed by starlight- humming a lullaby .. a jasmine rhapsody on a stardust cloud
She inhales the scent of his tranquility as he lulls her to the hues of the night
They breathe together to become complete
A sacred blending of two souls
Waltzing across the starlight.
In the light of dawn, as the sun laughs into her eyes
she finds a memory living in her heartbeat
a temptation of hope..
Flaming into an endless devotion.

114 thoughts on “Her Twinflame

      1. See I can’t see your face, also your name looks like Muslim , so either you Malaysian or like that, or from Middle East which u denied,,why don’t u tell urself

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  1. “They breathe together to become complete”
    A sacred blending of two souls!
    That’s beautifully stated Yassy and that says heart to heart and soul to soul in one sentence. Twin magic and magic is love your words magic my dear Yassy. How you’ve been missed❤️, but you never cease to amaze.🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah! I sure would like to experience what I write, David. I have seen it in movies or read about it.
      But my imagination runs away with me.
      You sure do have a point , though.
      It’s good to write, really , it’s a high 😇💃🏿

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