I am a child of the earth
Raised by the stars in the sky
Tended by the moon as I sleep
Scars of the world clothe me
Her wounds rich in history.

I am bathed by the tears of the clouds
When it rains, the wind howls-in my ears
When I cry-the earth soaks up my tears
A piece of my soul
Turning to dust;
And like dust, I rise
A storm of stardust
On moonstruck madness..

The sky calls out my name at dawn
Sparking the sun on my breast..

I am a child of the earth
The darkness and the light
The truth, the lie
Sorrow and joy
It's all there in the
Pen that I wield.

#free verse

157 thoughts on “Moonchild

  1. WOW yassy. This poem is so delicioysly full. Just SO much in it. I love being a child of the earth, so this really speaks to me. Just beautiful yassy 😊

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  2. What are you if not a product of Nature, and so am I. This poem says it all Yassy. Thanks for sharing another awesome piece of your soul. More ink to your pen.

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      1. You’re most welcome Yassy, you’re among few poets that I read on WordPress. Besides, I’ve been trying to reach you through your blog but it seems there’s no option to do so. I would really appreciate it if you can contact me through my blog, thanks.

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  3. My all time favorite lines in your work:

    “I am bathed by the tears of the clouds
    When it rains, the wind howls-in my ears
    When I cry-the earth soaks up my tears
    A piece of my soul
    Turning to dust”

    This paints everything how one feels with earth and the destruction we’ve all caused a great burden to our planet. And the lines: ‘When I cry the earth soaks up my tears a piece of my soul turning to dust.” It’s earth herself reminding us that if the floods do happen and no matter how much we cry and say sorry to earth, she is telling us too late I am angry.

    I hope I interpret this poem of yours and the lines correctly. Love, love, love this so much. πŸ™‚

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    1. You couldn’t have said it better, Charlie.
      I love your intuitive response .
      We have messed with the sacred beauty of our planet .
      We are never going to get these resources back.
      I feel doomed, Charlie.

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  4. Yassy if you check my twitter feed @ilenealizah there’s a post about Salgado the photographer – I assure you, hope for the planet exists. He and his wife planted 17 million trees and recovered 40,0000 hectares squared of rainforest. There is hope.

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      1. It’s the first tweet in my feed now. Make sure to watch the video.
        Salgado is a powerful photographer – my late father’s favorite. He was an activist and a photographer. Salgado displays the suffering of people globally in a way that no one can turn away from and hide…

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  5. This reminded me of something from my journal:
    “November 11, 2018
    …maybe I just need some time with the moon, my other sister. When I look at her, I feel understood, although I don’t know if I should. She’s lonely, revolving, and reflecting, in orbit, seemingly extraneous, and once some prize to behold. She guides the oceans, and her partner is always just across the way, just out of reach. She was made from collision, from a piece of Earth, like Eve from Adam. Can, can I feel at home when I look at her?”
    Loved your verses as usual. I guess I’m a moonchild.

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    1. Love you , my moon child sibling from the same cosmos as I am and I reach out to you across the oceans and the seas and I feel your mesmeric pull. ”Tis a wonderful bond , I cherish you dear kind one !
      I love your journal. It’s immense and stirring. You have a moonbeam nib.

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  6. Wow yassy, thanks for penning such a potent poetic piece. I love the imagery and the way it stimulates my senses. Inspiring stuff!
    Btw, thanks for liking my recent post ‘Poets Practice’. It really makes a poet a feel special when one as talented as you, expresses appreciation in our creations.

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