You are

You are the ink that runs in my quill
Becoming the colors that my dreams spill.
You are the letter that shapes my word
Spanning the page like wings of a bird.
You are the thought that fills up my sense
You are the longing that is so immense.
You are the breath that escapes in a sigh
You are the memory in my mind's eye.
You are the peace that whispers in my heart
The oxygen that gives my heart a start .
You are the tear that I hold in my eye
You are the yearning I cannot deny.
You are the rhyme in my April sky
The twinkle in the stars that pass me by.
You are the light in the black of my eyes
You are the answer to all of my why's.
You are the arms that embrace me tight
Together in a love so infinite.


94 thoughts on “You are

  1. So much love in your words; you seem to have it or want it, at a deep level. Yearning can call forth the emotions, but embracing can release emotions and words that reflect them. Whatever the condition that spawns your work, you are blessed.

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  2. A wonderful poem. Also, I had thought you might have departed WP for your sublime work has not appreared on my Reader since 7th. March this year. WP have issues with the Reader presently leaving over 1,000 of those I follow also not showing on the Reader, so please do not think me ill-mannered. Best wishes, The Old Fool

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      1. Really? I had no idea you felt that way. You spawn love with every poem you write. Are you on a desert island of blind and dim people? You deserve more than a response to your love, you should have the complement.

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  3. This was absolutely beautiful Yassy!! Everything that can be expressed in someone you feel for, I loved the β€œyou are the answer to all my why’s”, that was amazing. All questions fulfilled with a love so strong.
    About these weddings you tell me aboutπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸŒΉπŸŒΉ

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    1. Ah! You are back. I been remembering you and , Viola here you are , it’s somehow comforting to see you .
      Thank you for coming to my page and reading my stuff.
      Heading over to see what you been up to.

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  4. I really love the anaphora, it’s so clever and yet so gentle, like a reminder to your reader of intention that everything you are describing is utterly, irreplaceably them. It creates this intimacy that I love! Can’t wait to read more.

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