Haiku Slam

  • 〰howdy buddy〰
  • Poetry takes me
  • Into your universe;
  • Live-wire.
  • 〰gymming 〰
  • Weight lifting
  • Only Dumbbells don’t ring
  • A bell??
  • How dumb is that 😧
  • 〰chocolate binging 〰
  • Food for the heart
  • Good for the brain–
  • The waist can wait .
  • 〰detox 〰
  • Cry happy tears
  • Cry sad tears;
  • Unburden
  • (Work -out for the eyes)
  • 〰feeling blue〰
  • Turn your blues
  • Into a rainbow –
  • Get drenched.
  • 〰rainbows end〰
  • Every cloud has
  • A silver lining;
  • Leprechaun sits with his pot.
  • 〰5/7/5〰
  • Measurements—
  • Size zero
  • A mannequin wears.
  • 〰no golden rules 〰
  • Syllable count
  • No big deal ;
  • Basho smiles .
  • 〰breaking bad〰
  • Show but don’t tell:
  • Breaking rules
  • Five seven five .
  • 〰ku ku〰
  • Haiku you and me-
  • celebrating rhyme

    and reason….

  • 73 thoughts on “Haiku Slam

      1. A David Ku
        wouldn’t either.
        Reading a Redpath verse,
        Me in happiness immerse
        I still , my hopes nurse
        You, David in haiku converse
        A conversation so diverse
        Boredom disperse
        Hehe bye D🙋🏻😎

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    1. Now here’s a thought
      Wouldn’t it be great
      For you and David to collaborate
      There is no fear this would come to naught
      So now that the gauntlet is laid down
      Consider this don’t cast a frown
      Poets with words at will
      Compose yourselves, then the reader thrill.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Now, that is a pretty mighty verse, Chris
        For all the world, I could never miss
        You compose lines beautiful
        Your creativity is plentiful
        It’s fun to read you
        You give us good stiff to read without much ado.
        Thank you , Chris for visiting my blog
        Immense joy I get from this dialog.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You will write something sassy
          What you write will be classy
          My friend, it can never be too late
          Don’t let yourself berate
          Your poetry is rejuvenation
          A wonderful creative word creation!!

          Liked by 1 person

      1. You know what sweetie, I been stressed too and writing makes me feel better. I am so happy that you feel better. May you be happy always. I love you too my dear friend. You take good care.

        Liked by 1 person

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