ivory mist

Ivory mist:

Lost stars find their sky

A rooster waits for dawn


44 thoughts on “ivory mist

      1. I am very much humbled, And a great part of my meek words was the outcome that your poems reflected on me. So, yeah thank you too 😊. I always look forward to your poems. And i pray to the Almighty to grant you more Power to produce great verses.
        Best wishes, God bless πŸ€—.

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    1. Thank you , Elouise. This haiku was easy because I heard the rooster in the early hours , the sun was not yet up. It’s all wintry and foggy.
      You stay warm, my dear. Thank you for your thoughts on this.

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  1. it finally hit me. the stars finding their sky, as in their proper place?

    the rooster waiting for dawn, as in anticipation and his opportunity to sound morning?

    thank you yassy.

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