• Silence, as poignant as a child’s cry,
  • Nursing a hope that can belie.
  • Words are emotions with sound
  • Written with ink and tears downed.
  • Silence laden with unspoken words
  • In a place where conversations are never heard.
  • Time hangs in the balance, running,
  • A maze of illusions , mute, spinning.
  • Soundlessness becomes timeless,
  • My syllables become rhyme-less.
  • Words do a tête-à-tête in my head,
  • Unraveling thoughts , unsaid.
  • Silence whispers to me in the absence of words,
  • Like a weeping child that has never been heard.
  • I look for you in the silence of my sleep.
  • Hearing the heart of our combined minds, weep.
  • 63 thoughts on “Quiet

    1. This was absolutely gorgeous Yassy, has a title never spoken so loudly before my friend. I simply love the way you line and rhyme your words, it’s so artistic. Silence can be the loudest sound and yet you can learn so much from a whisper, you can teach both with your beautiful words.

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      1. I don’t know , Jo. I just wrote it. I was feeling uneasy and maybe this is my way of letting go. Well, how have you been, my good buddy , the Midas touch you , now you really make things sparkle with an awesome comment like this. You always are kind to me. Thank you , you selfless guy.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. If you wrote this feeling uneasy my friend, you can be very uplifting.🌹. Sometimes letting go when we don’t know releases positively on others, you are a wonderful soul. I’ve been good my friend, trying to smile and sparkle with gold😉. Always smiling when reading post like yours.🌹

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