Lightening forks cloud laden sky
Wind carries thunders' cry
Water droplets from heavens fly
Drenching the dry, drenching the dry.
Liquid sunshine pours down
Summer heat melts away to drown
Sky, earth having a showdown
Teary breakdown, teary breakdown.
Curtain of crystalline sprinkling,
Water droplets streaming, twinkling
Freshess of dew, glistening
Raindrops gushing, splashing
tinkling,dripping, drip drop tinkling.

80 thoughts on “Cloudburst

  1. i was out in two rainy sunsets last week. on the first one the drops were big and making deep impressions on the water. there was not much wind so the water was calm and you could hear the constant rain drops on the lake. i got drenched on that one but it felt good. the lightning was fairly distant, so i was not too worried about getting hit.

    the next night it was a softer rain and steady. walking home from that one the rain sounded pretty on the trees. it was a cleansing shower.

    then last night the rains had stopped and the sky opened up for sunset and put on a spectacle. it has been a couple months since an over the top sunset. it was quite different from others before. it was fast too. the best part lasted about 10 minutes or so. brief but beautiful.

    i was thinking about the rain and sounds and such while out in it. the first one was like a flood with rushing water everywhere. all my summer footprints around the lake were gone. i left lots of deep fresh ones in the smoothed out mud. the lake is coming up from the rain so it should cover the lake bed soon i hope. it was a good start.

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    1. Thank you for this. You and nature have a deep connection. I think maybe all this display of grandeur for you sweetie because you value this.
      I missed you of course. I will head your way soon to see and feast my eyes


      1. honestly yassy, it has nothing to do with me other than i show up. anywhere i pointed the camera it was beautiful. the camera does an amazing job of getting what i am seeing.

        i redid my site a few months ago and it is called evyoniy now. you can search on that to find it. there was a sunset early in the summer that was amazing. i posted lots of pics of that one.

        thank you for talking. i have not been talking with anyone online for a long time. i am too easily misunderstood. i had to say something about your cloudburst poem since it so closely matched my week. thank you

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  2. i had it all to myself too. no one was out walking since everything was still so wet and muddy. it’s funny. it seems like the best sunsets are for me alone.

    i am sure other people noticed it but there is nothing like watching from the water’s edge. most people were cooped up in their houses though since it had rained all day.

    i did not see anyone on the way in or the way out. i watched the two rainy sunsets waiting for one like this. they were all good but this was special.

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  3. oh, i made a playlist of beautiful choir performances on youtube. it has over 500 vids in it now from lots of different schools mainly. there is a post on my site with the link to it.

    once you launch it there is an icon on the upper right above the list of vids that looks like an X made with 2 arrows. that is the shuffle button so it plays the vids in random order. i play it in the background while doing other things.

    many of the vids have applause. i wish they had edited that out but if the song was too good i included it anyways. none of them are my vids. i just point to other peoples posts and am still adding to the playlist often.

    i have nearly always been into classical music and recently have been enjoying contemporary choir works. it is the most beautiful to me. i am only adding the best ones i find to the list and will remove any that don’t appeal to me after a few listens.

    thought i would share that fwiw. no one really uses it except me but it would save people a lot of work searching for the videos if anyone was interested. sharing my work since the singing is so wonderful.

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      1. if you try the choirs playlist press the shuffle icon. it is better when it shuffles around randomly. that mixes it up so you do not see the same vids in the order that i added them.

        i added some more really good ones just yesterday. those are at the bottom of the list. shuffle takes you anywhere. if you see any vids you think i should remove or add, please let me know. enjoy

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  4. here is the link to the choir playlist. it has been a lot of work but i love it. i will keep adding and removing vids as i find time. i have been looking for the best choir music for a long time. i finally figured out i had to refine my youtube searches more to find the best ones.

    there are not really that many great choir vids on youtube. most of them are low quality or the singing is not that good. there are enough really great ones to make a wonderful playlist though. it takes time to find them. hope you like it. if not that is fine too. it’s my thing now. choir is the best.

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  5. thanks for sharing, awesome as always! You can hear the raindrops, especially in your last two lines: Raindrops gushing, splashing
    tinkling,dripping, drip drop tinkling.

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  6. here is another one from that incredible sunset. it was so worth waiting through the days of rain. on the third evening the sun found it’s opening and gave me a treat. it was a colorburst that night.

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  7. i was a lone duck that night too. i don’t mind but really don’t understand it. i enjoyed each evening including the rainy ones. the third one was quiet rejoicing. i did not want to take a chance of disturbing the sky. it did the talking.

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