Sunbeams tease

Sunbeams trace the blush of my cheeks
evanescing the tranquil pace of my breath
I clutch the quietness nestling my private lair
Hushed in tender warmth of eventide's lull
Luna's rosette glow embosses quietude 
Crowning twilight's veil.

Whiff of twinkling stardust
Floats from a mellow sky
Unfolding amber prints on lea
Like vintage violin strains
On dew's delicate wisp
Illumined by shooting stars
Beguiling a promise
The promise of a poem
Echoing radiance of the Milky Way.

72 thoughts on “Sunbeams tease

  1. Another out of this world post Yassy, this was beautifully written and your wording was amazingly lovely. I couldn’t pull myself away from this, you are magical with a pen my friendπŸ’«

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  2. I like most the poems participation in a great tradition of the poem promising yet another poem; figures of speech are nice. Perhaps allow yourself an organic cohesion between those figures.

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  3. I think you might let this very nice poem stand as is. Then try your hand at free verse poetry. Free verse does not mean sloppy verse. It means being entirely aware of the entirety of the poem–internal rhyme–sound devices such that the sound amplifies the meaning–using rhythms to indicate where internally sound takes shape–leave the usual end rhymes out, but not entirely; use them to amplify as you would with meaning. Begin with simile and metaphor forming the scaffolding of internal sound. Just get my attention–I can be there as others might need some of my language.

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  4. So glorious, refinement of excellence, go get your MFA creative writing/poetry, I underestimated you! I suggest Colorado State University, where I went, while you are at it take a look at my blogs.

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