These wars will never end

Once upon a time, there used to be stars in the sky.
Now, there's a gaping black hole in the milky way..
There used to be flowers blooming, now tanks are rolling
But flowers will always be there..celebrations, graveyards,
requiems, elegies- from ground to ground--flowers
When a white dove sits on the charred branch of an olive tree
Bidding farewell to civilization...yet generations will go
Inspite of the bombs and guns but nuclear may never give the future
A past and the past a future for history to be written, locked in
The future of what happened before, there maybe no one to write it down.
Because people will die but not all of the people will die, 
There still will be people to execute massacres in this
Circuit of concrete jungle.

54 thoughts on “These wars will never end

  1. So descriptive and a written reality on the world done only how you can do it. As long as people think they’re right and others are wrong, they’ll always be some kind of war and you painted the perfect picture of why. You are an amazing writer Yassy.

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  2. Til the last day, when then they won’t.

    Love your deep poetry. I appreciate when it comes out. I know it’s draining — but it’s good. Thanks for doing that. I just kindof needed that today.

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  3. You’ve done an awesome work in knitting these words together Yassy. I really appreciate how you sum up this contemporary world of ours; I will scribe my version soon.

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  4. War is truly tragic and one of the most difficult things we have to live with in the modern world. But remember, dear, that this too shall pass and that though human beings can do terrible things, they do really wonderful things too.
    Love as always and best wishes to you πŸ™‚

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  5. This is so true! Our future seems so bleak as we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. I have hope that God’s Kingdom will end this cycle. I look forward to the peace that is promised to cover the earth (Isaiah 2:4, Revelation 21:4).

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  6. Share your sentiments there, as humans we never learn and yet we should given the devastation it has caused and still does. Your lines starting from Inspite of bombs…until circuit of concrete jungle provides a very poignant message. thanks for sharing!

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  7. Life brings even horror of war. There are those of us who believe in a positive outcome someday. You, child grieve for golden groves/it is Margret who you grieve for, so find this great poet. Thank you for reminding me.

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  8. The great poet is Gerard Manley Hopkins, Spring and All, and truly his brilliance shines through–read also Matthew Arnold Dover Beach–my dear, I was a teacher of English for many years, and wour work portends good poems to come–thank you for sharing this one, and hopefully more…

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