golden, tropical
dawning, warming, shining
solar, flare, celestial, satellite
illumes, gravitates, orbits
silvery, lambent

pale, pearly
illuminating, irradiating, brightening
radiance, luminosity, daybreak, sunshine
dimming, obscuring, darkening,
inky, shadowy

64 thoughts on “Diamantes

      1. I can truly say , you are poetry. Amazing the way you write. Lots of love to the queen of verses. You are a stunner when it comes to emoting with words. On paper.

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  1. You tied everything together so well. The sun rising like gold to give hope for all
    and the moon making us so creative and filled with imagination.

    As for the dawn and dusk? I picture the beauty of the dawn capturing the moment of clarity and life. I love this so much, Yassy. πŸ™‚

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  2. I climb with you the two full mountains of days’ cycles and see anew the chaotic contained in crystalline form seamlessly and so simple in its complexities. Wonderful song mi’lady Yasmin! My most gracious sweeping thankfulness as a be-feathered chapeau might so signify.

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    1. That sombrero sits so rightly on your gentle head. And a gentleman you are , my dear Kirk. The pearls of pure words that emanate from your vocabulary fills my heart with such joy. A joy indescribable.


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