when the heart bleeds blue
like a sapphire glow that
died light years ago,
its transcience staining breath
left to languish as memory.

when hearts bleed blue in
interludes of time, space
enduring the ache
of dreams that come unbidden
cruising a slumber's cadence

flaming the yearning
awakening the subconscious
rousing devotion
an instinctive remembrance
like starshine draping night's curve

becoming the eloquence
elixir on breaths that weave words
that were left unsaid.

74 thoughts on “Unsaid

  1. Things are only left unsaid because you leave people speechless with your poetry Yassy, and that last verse explained it all. No one can bring words to life like you. A beautiful painting in the form of words once again.๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน


  2. This line brightens like gold: “starshine draping night’s curve”

    wow! the surrealism of each line and this one does awaken that dream construct
    of worlds that we enjoy tapping into and how our consciousness creates these worlds.

    Love this poem so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am back! Yassy.

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      1. I’ve been okay now. I resigned from a job I was working at for a month and 2 weeks. Toxic environment, 3 men picked on my since day 1. I felt angry and depressed. Healthy comes first. I’ll find something better.


        How have you been? Missed you too my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am fine, thank you.
        I think something better will come up.
        I am sorry about what these guys did, were they jealous , insecure ,somehow. Well, it’s their loss.
        It’s not worth the stress, Charlie. You did right !!


      1. I’m humbled by greatness
        I love classic poets and poetry
        Despite not being “classic”
        I’m abstract/sublime/nuanced
        …A dastardly lot of poets made me that way
        Any clues..?
        Thank you all for inspiration of my abomination and poetic intimations
        Ablated Frustrated and dyslexic infected
        Thank you for your graciousness and connection
        cnn chaosnewsnetwork

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      2. I think you have this very intellectual creativity ! And it shows in your posts !
        Why, did anyone hurt your aesthetic process? I am sorry if people do that negative thing to others , especially poets or writers , whatever it is don’t let it get to you.
        You are doing awesome. Bravo. Take care and have a nice weekend.


      1. Posted today that’s why I checked haha. I do right, I should be regular. Drop links to nice pieces you’ve wrtten on my blog thanks

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  3. Love the imagery evoked with this one – an awesome talent you have. I especially liked the last 3 lines:
    becoming the eloquence
    elixir on breaths that weave words
    that were left unsaid.

    Thanks for sharing – peace and blessings! ๐Ÿ™‚

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