hanging out

across the cosmos

our eyes make conversations ;

the screen blinks


30 thoughts on “hanging out

    1. Lol love your humor!! yippee !!!yes the screen winks. That is so cool. Your comments give a new dimension to my verse here. I think it’s inspiring to read 😊 I feel lucky you put out your thoughts here.

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  1. give gleeful great grins/ thine taut treatises toll tomes/ which winks work wonders (this’un playfull yet more than kiddie-pool deep. You will make me miss my ‘bandoned television and sad sick flip-top screen if you keep this up, Cosmic Carroller!

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  2. Senryu is really hard to write
    and create a meaningful image in so words
    but you have done that here

    “our eyes make conversation”
    “the screen blinks”

    These are amazingly vivid images with amazingly few words Jasmine. 🙂

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