A limerick gone haywire

A bird takes me flying on her fragile wings
When, up on high, she decides to sing.
Clouds pour on us making me cry
As we taxi a cumbersome sky
She doubles her bling as parachute sling.
She loves to rap, does a hip hop
Freaking out, I tell her to stop
Blinded by water, we bang into a plane
Death would give us posthumous fame.
With a shooting star, to earth we flop.

51 thoughts on “A limerick gone haywire

  1. Touching and creative from my view Yassy, while reading this I couldn’t help but think of the late Aaliyah, a hip hop singer who made beautiful music and was awarded even after death. This was simply beautiful, I read this over and over, your haywire was simply a safe haven for the minds. Creative beauty Yassy.

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    1. I used to get queasy too , during landing and takeoff but I am trying to be brave now lol high time we let go of our fears. πŸ€“


      1. Thanks Yassy I wouldn’t quite call it a wow
        To you I’ll gratuitously bow
        And say that’s terrific
        From one so prolific
        I’ll sign off with, that’s all for now.

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