A love poem

My heart goes to a very special place
Where it can only see your face.
I place my dreams upon your heart
Feel it start with a cupid's dart.
Feeling you in every beat of my heartbeat
Giving my spirit this sweet retreat.
My soul moves to the song of your soul
We are two halves of a quintessential whole.
Our hearts in tune playing a love embrace
Holding each other as pulses race.
Touching without the feel of touch
Wiping each other's tears without as much as a smudge.
Feeling our way through the color of words
Soaking the intensity of sensations stirred.
We waltz together through cosmic space
The universe blesses us with love's grace.

I look into my heart and see your reflection
I hold a piece of you in me in all your perfection.

89 thoughts on “A love poem

  1. This was absolutely lovely Yassy, this had love written all over it….. somebody is rather luckyπŸ˜‰πŸŒΉ. I love your rhyming manner, it flows so naturally as your words coexist with each other on the papers dance floor. A love poem indeed.❀️

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  2. So powerful, so artfully crafted. This, too – nay! four or seven – will be read and reared: there are universes hiding amongst and behind and before and beyond your h”art”felt words, Lady Yasmin!

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  3. Wonderful! ❀️ what a beautiful poem! Amazzzing jobπŸ‘β­οΈ
    Ps – I would really appreciate it if you’d check out my poems too. Your feedback will be highly valuedπŸ™‚

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