And here is Simonfalk with his verse

I wrote
I press my dreams
Against my pillow...

Simon has an amazing verse in reply to Robbie's
Simon's still stanza.
Here is Simon's awesome reply

And in that net
Moonbeams are caught
Glimmers of more dreams
Yet to glow for us.

If you have missed Robbie's verse, here it is

Moonlight streams through my window
Enticing my dreams to emerge,
Golden thoughts dance forth,
From the net of consciousness.

24 thoughts on “And here is Simonfalk with his verse

      1. Perhaps not so surprised, Jokerswild, but Yassy always seems to have just downed a cut of modes-t-ea when (I suspect) she not just touches a keyboard but her world continually infuses such deference all the time. Take a bow, wonderfulwriterlady!

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  1. Thank you so much, Yassy, for bringing this work to your large audience. And, trust those who tell you you influcence…and past that, your ever-kind notice and supporting words to those who make comment – and perhaps even more to those who read those comments – to-and-fro – enliven each visit to your wonderful realm, Queen of Kindnesses.

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