Eternity feels empty
Maybe man will leave
Nothing for infinity
Only graves
From a raped culture
And a law that that
Tortures the victim
Even as death acts like
a catalyst.
When earth takes back its own
Before its due time
When mud turns red
With grime and blood
And bullets and shrapnel and chlorine
Then..it is
War of the power, by the power, for the power
Where each flower drowns in the grease of oil
Green is the devil..

#Slam poetry

79 thoughts on “Quietus

      1. Remember, please, to speak uncomfortably whenever you must. I do it all the time since I broke my self-censor button back behind my left ear…or at least I think it was there.

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      2. I left good portions of that left ear at a bittle hilltop near the southern border that separates Quang Nam Province of South Vietnam’s northern-most military areas of operations with what was called famously The Central Highlands. The difference dies from lack of a distinction. Portions of eardrum and maybe the last three operating brain cells in yon J’s head leaked out thereupon and thus I claim Ileft my left ear just outside Que Son City on Hill 25, the site of many, many battles stretching back at least a thousand years. I’s history, Lady Yassy: History, I tells ya!

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      3. Yeah, typing on your left , Oye! You my dear Richie , you should have a nice quiet weekend. And take care. You do too much taking care of others thing, neh ?

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      4. No such thing as too much: I’m trying for five-much but still stuck at one-much. A conundrum worthy of a Gordian Knot and I have not Alexander’s short sword. A quandary wrapped in a conundrum, seasoned with knotty issues. Oh, well, I always can floss with the Irish Pennants. (Marine-speak for wisps of thread trying to escape uniforms or accoutrement. Marine-speak, an offshoot of Nautical natterings, is its own colorful sub-language grown great groans by the confused sailors amongst us.

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      5. And just how did you know one of my favorite protein drinks was First much some Macadamia nuts interspersed with some 70- to 89-percent dark chocolate with a nice, firm but because I will have too much nuts and chocolate good but inexpensive Cabernet – just for wash-down purposes, donchakinw?
        My time in Hawaii was Sundays Macadamia nuts in a bag in one pocket and a big sack of Portuguese Malasadas (do-nuts like bignets but better, flat and either triangular or parallogrammatic with way too much powdered sugar, then go off to body surf the six-seven-eight foot shorbreak at Sandy Beach right next to Blowhole, the spot made famous in From Here To Eternity with Kirk Douglass and Deborah Kerr.


  1. So powerful Yassy, you are so real and I love how you pour your feelings out on paper because the ink becomes the blood you spill because it’s your feelings. This is so you, so real and so raw….an Apocalyptic Preaching if humanity doesn’t change. Your words alone can move mountains Yassy because it clearly moves hearts!!

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      1. Yeah, it seems the news is full of violence and hate, that’s what we see when we turn on the television. You are one of the good ones Yassy❤️❤️, a true Angel. All we can do is hope and make the differences that we can. We can’t change the world but we can change lives.

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      2. Changing the world is a big step but changing people makes you feel just as good and it’s a start, it’s like a domino effect. People didn’t just land in their positions, they were probably pushed and influenced.

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      3. I see a different side of the card 🃏, you can rehabilitate some people, change is a bigger step but people can change.😉. And I’d like to think we can have an affect on someone’s day, you can change someone’s outlook with words.🌹

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      4. Rehabilitation is another thing when the person is looking for change. But people who are bad will always be bad. Sorry , Jo. I have seen worse things. We are not talking about ptsd OCD or mental illness.
        And we have to stop comparing humans to animals. Animals do not destroy do not do nuclear do not rape or kill.
        Don’t want to put a damper on your optimism but I do not look forward to what will happen in so many parts of the globe.

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      5. You don’t need to apologize Yass, what you say is valid but I can’t assume that once bad, always bad so push them off the cliff. Teachers would quit their jobs early if that was the case cause I was horrible in high school😉.
        Animals and humans aren’t comparable but some men are pigs they say.😉. They say you want to see someone’s true character, give them power and that’s what happens, no bad students, just bad teachers. I too don’t want to imagine some of the actions that happen in the world, but I do know there are good things happening too. I know there are bad people but I know some good people😉.

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      6. 😂. It is indeed Yassy and I do see your point and from the eyes eye, you are right mi lady.🌹❤️. Experience and what you see tells a lot, so I can not always say what is.😉🃏

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      7. Yassy: you and I and all of us her on WordPress and throughout the world looking at the disgraceful waste war causes can and will make a difference. If only to resolve that if war must come, win it quickly, as quietly and “sanely” as possible and let not “leader-egos” both wearing stars and batons of office add their agendas to the horrors. There are things worse than war: slavery, for example, physical, psychological, emotional and else. Religion sometimes helps; sometimes hinders. Personal responsibility and involvement – and social media is a wonderful tool (but has its own flaws inherent and inserted by others with nefarious intent) but it still comes down to each of us trying desperately to be a better person each minute, each hour, each day, each life. And poetry can be a signpost along the way. Keep posting those signs. None knows if the signs will work but all, I hope, know without the signs there is no hope.

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      8. To gain wisdom – in my own way – I had to swim an ocean of folly. Too much exercise! Not enough excised. Sometimes Ignorance if not Bliss, than a suitable substitute. Like watching cable television without cable.

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      9. I think you are wisdom. Somehow when I talk to you I feel that . I think errors help in finding more errors. And they helps I’m finding true things.

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      10. We learn from skint egos and bruised passions and wrongways which require payment. The easy gets valued too little sometimes – and mostly with good reason: but count not the hole-in-the-clouds-with bright-light-shining, too. Sometimes God gives a great big sign and smiles when we get it right in ONE! Or, so I have heard.

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      11. OK, it was never performed because I failed to write the thing. Caught. My petard hoisteth me up! Aaarrrgh! YaGotMe! Now I get to invent a swoon. Right side or left side: never read the rulebook on swoons.

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  2. The future of its tragedy is now and the future ahead grim’s with uncertainly.

    You speak your mind so honestly and truthfully and I think you should keep at it.
    Don’t ever feel censored at all. Keep pushing the boundaries of our society.

    We all stand with you, Yassy. 🙂

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  3. This a pretty dark poem for you, yassy but I enjoyed it. I loved “green ist the devil.” Green can respresent greed and envy. And we both know the devil is both of those things! Great poem, yassy.

    This is Carly from Message In Stanza. My Ink Smears is my new blog. Be sure to check it out! 🙂

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  4. “Even as death acts like
    a catalyst.
    When earth takes back its own”

    Ain’t that the truth, dust to dust – maybe we should find a way of breaking this bad news to people a little earlier in their lives, might make them take more responsibility – then again might scare the horses… too true to be dark, human beings are a worrying species to be in charge here 🙂 nice one

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