A poem’s heartbeat

reaching your eyes
the faint whisper of letters
in a poem...

#senryu # haiku

63 thoughts on “A poem’s heartbeat

      1. You are ever most welcome and at the same time (possibly just a fraction after) thanked profusely for your person you hood your help and your constantly amazing willingness to return praise meaningfully doubled and the care and attention you deliver to your many, many fans brings joy to know there’s a human out there who loves and lives her life, inspiring so many others. And, BTW, I loved that “glitch” Whstegefvu – should be an acronym at the very least, if not a Trademark! I hope Shantanu Baruah enjoyed it as much as I.

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      2. Kirky Richards…first time for that…and I thank you forit, Queen Yasmin The Best. When I think of saying “J Kirk” thrice, each time faster and faster I build an excuse for my j(k)irky behavior, then I guffaw and go: “Not true at all: I have be a jerk long before Jimmy Henson resorted to that singsong lable lo those many, many decades ago across mom’s gardenia hedge.

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