when verses haunt the
hidden heartbeat of my psyche
lamenting to be written
soul's celestial wisdom
becoming an elixir rush
unfurling a tryst
searching for that inner peace
then, the aloneness of being
becomes poetry.


49 thoughts on “Dulcet

      1. I love poetry , now I love it more because I get to bond with people like you. So now I am happy writing here and connecting with you. That is a gift you have given to me.

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  1. …amen… β€” so be it…β€” it is…
    so precisely to the point
    painted with the brush of poetry
    words in your mind begging for expression
    conveying to us your deepest impression
    some of us are on a similar procession

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  2. I don’t know if you are on Facebook, Yassy, but I have created a group to share poetry which is linked to my profile Robbie Cheadle and Sir Chocolate books. If you are interested, link up with me and I will join you.

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