the color of braille


In a sea of ink
I drown..
My blank page…

I close my eyes–
the color of braille
on my breath..

journey infinite
infinitesimal peace-
the universe is mine

google lets me
ride the rainbow
my mouse cursor…


68 thoughts on “the color of braille

  1. This is so clever yassy. I love how you have placed Google in charge of the world (which it actually feels it is) in your last stanza. Great visual poetry.

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      1. I know yassy, it is a challenge to get away sometimes. It has its good points though. How else would we get to read each others poetry?

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  2. yassy, earlier today I was thinking about books, and how come the words aren’t like bulging out of them like they do in brailles, and then later that day I read this poem. Coincidence? yeah.

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    1. Thank you are two little words not enough to signify the magnitude of my gratitude to you for understanding.
      I know you lost your gramps and I feel you still go through the agony of missing him .

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      1. I’m right there with you.

        It’s difficult for anyone to feel a heavy depression in them. It’s never going to get better, they’ll be times when one feels happy but right after that, the feeling of sadness kicks in us.

        I know how you feel. Big hugs from me to you my friend.

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