songs of dawn

Songs of dawn burst into my room
Blazing sunshine breaking night's gloom.

Twittering birds let me sing along
Flitting merrily into a ballroom song.

My kettle whistles a happy tune
Sending smoke signals to fading moon.

Tender buds unfurl to flower 
I retreat into fragrant bower.

Leaves on trees burst into green
Butterflies, bees sway and preen..

Sun stokes fiery trails
All day its warmth prevails

Sky transcends into azure
Lace clouds skim demure

Shadows waltz incandescence
Enchanted by day's luminescence

Serenading birds lifting gay
Beguiling promise of a new day..

124 thoughts on “songs of dawn

  1. The dawn of a new day is always a magical thing yassy. It brings promises of a new chapter to be written. I love this poem and how you have woven many things to describe the magic.

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  2. Yassy, earlier today I merely β€˜clicked’ a β€˜like’ as I was running late for an appointment. I had meant to comment at the time, so better late than never! I simply wanted to say that while your gift with words is undoubted, I find myself more and more appreciating that extra gift you have, namely that you are able to compose both reflectively, looking inward plus deal with the β€˜subjective and objective’ of the world at large. Not many can cope with both. You do so sublimely well.

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    1. Hey Charlie , where do you go? Missed you , man. Was wondering when you popped up with your comment.
      Thank you 😊 thank you 😊 for your awesomeness. Appreciate
      Will check out your offering in a bit 😎

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      1. I’ve been working on some writing projects and had to take a little break. πŸ™‚

        Your work brings a smile to me and I’m always amazed by your creation of poetic fury, creativity, and your choice in words. Your vocabulary is phenomenal and brilliant. πŸ™‚

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      2. If you don’t hear from me…just keep in mind that I’m either writing new material or I have my moments when I feel sad and miss my grandpa and mother in law. I want to be left alone. Again, I have my moments here and there. But, I’m good for the most part.

        Blessings to you, Yassy.

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  3. I just know The Author knows not night a glob of gloom but she weaves her way through my happy eyes these pairs of pointing couplets, paean-ing their way to day’s glorious multifaceted move symphonically on the big projector screen you build between my ears and let my eyes look inward on the movie screen you write. Thanks, your Ladyship.

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    1. And, yes, the respondent meant “…knows not night a glob of gloom” because he has heard her voice over the scritching pen about the nightdelights…could have done: “knows night not…” but where’s the fun in that?

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      1. I sometimes scare me…and have to go scroll back to the source to see if really I mean what my fingers told my mind to type. Sometimes I really do miss the agony of pencil and paper, but not the joy of seeing my name on an envelope…from an actual human.

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