my page

I rhyme my way across the page
Letting words out of this poetic cage.

I pick up a quill soaking wet
Shaping syllables into a vignette.

My eyes whisper words unsaid
Sharing from a heart that once bled.

From my eyes to my fingers
Soulful cries that linger...

My teardrops become my words
When sealed sentiments have been stirred.

Lines become bridges that travel
Across pages..poems unravel

Motionless words take on a new life
Like notes that fly from a fife.

I take my dreams and put it on a page
A place to run, to play, sans chantage.

I am a poet, a dreamer
Poetry feeds my soul, my sanity's keeper.

99 thoughts on “my page

  1. I absolutely loved this, it flowed like the smoothest river. Each line complimented the next so well Yassy and I loved the opening verse. That was the escape to poetry ecstasy. The cage opened and there was no stopping Yassy’s magic. Lovely rhyme, a beautiful ode. Kicking off New Years with fireworks!!! Yassy still a star.πŸ’«

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