December’s golden glory

Even as silver winds spin cold
Adorning snowy mantle
December's golden glory
Rhapsodizes sky....

Hands cuddle dewed chimes
Warmed by firelight's evanescence;
Flames burned by time leap
Into seasons' embrace

Pensive days cascade
Into destiny's eternity
Twirling, endowing hope
That January will bring 
Interludes of global peace...

Only love endures--
Cries ache in terror's mayhem
Raking in wartime woes...

And now a questionku for you...

December ignites 
Wait of optimism....
Does love and hate meet halfway?

81 thoughts on “December’s golden glory

  1. Good question…
    I’d say it’s not quite meeting halfway, but they find their equilibrium in a more fluidic kind of way. Know what I’m trying to say?
    How you been, Yas? Ho, ho, ho and merry Christmas & all those sorts of things!

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    1. Yeah ! Thankx Kunal! I kinda got what you sayin !
      Heehaw happy holiday time to you too. Hardly see you , see , I will always complain I never see you here touchΓ©!
      Anyways , I am enjoying the chill ! You chill ! Ciao.

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      1. Thou art most welcome, Dear Lady. (Have you ever wondered if the recipient would take the time to decipher a line typed from an offset hand – one key off from its intended target? Would you take to time to write a program – possibly C++ or simpler – to decode such a mis-typed mss.? Just a long-randomed though finally forcing its way to the top of the pond.)

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      1. Sending you warm hugs πŸ€—! I can feel you in the galaxy. I can actually see your dear face in the satin sky and you glow brighter than the stars.


  2. A beautiful piece, Yasmin! And interesting question. I agree that the hope is love will overcome, love is more powerful, too many people underestimate it, confuse it with weakness, and wrongly see strength in hating. Love isn’t just a feeling, it takes commitment and perseverance and its easy to give up when you feel overwhelmed by so much ugliness and violence. But even in our every day lives, it’s easy to give up when it isn’t reciprocated. Loving the loveable or those who love us, is easy. Loving those who challenge us (including ourselves, right?!! πŸ™‚ that’s the age old issue, isn’t it? Ugh. Humans! ❀

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    1. Thank you , Venessa. Your answer is as interesting and intelligent as you are. You say the truth in such a beautiful way , yes, we like to take the easy way out when it comes to love. You have made me ponder with your comment. I think love is more of a challenge than hate, and oh yeah , we humans are a tough breed lol πŸ˜‚

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  3. Great question yassy. I think hate can only thrive when we allow love to lose its’ power. Great poetry like this will ensure hate stays at the back door. Have a blessed and peaceful holiday season and thank you for all your wonderful poetry that keeps love shining.

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    1. Thank you , Davy 😊😊😊. You gave me a very intellectual aesthetic answer. I am pleased as punch !
      Anyways , you and your loved ones have a merry Christmas ! Stay safe stay warm. Take care.

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  4. we are supposed to hate evil and love good. not that we do.

    YAH hates evil and loves good. He allowed evil to expose itself and defeated it by offering Himself in YAHSHUA as a sin offering to save humanity. hate and love are both displayed at the cross.

    righteousness and justice are displayed in the cross. righteousness is the vertical post which points to Him and holds the cross in place. justice is the vertical which deals with our offenses. Justice holds Messiah’s hands outstretched to the world, to as many as will receive His love and come to Him for forgiveness.

    the cross separates and exposes everything. love and hate are on display there. love for us that He would allow that to happen to Himself and hate for evil while allowing it to have it’s way and defeating it before creation.

    that does not answer your question though. the world situation is hard to understand. my mind spins when thinking about all that is going on. at this point i would settle for a little justice.

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      1. here is the verse i was talking about. Psalm 85:10. it says more than i remembered.

        Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

        the Hebrew word translated Mercy there is translated as Kindness in other places.

        Mercy or kindness and Truth are another picture of the cross with the vertical being His Truth and the horizontal being Mercy or kindness towards us.

        Same with Righteousness and Peace. The vertical is His Righteousness and the horizontal is Peace with us since what He did saves us.

        that is such an awesome verse from Psalms showing the cross and the result.

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  5. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
    Have missed of late Yassy’s wit and beautiful writing. December’s golden glory a Christmastime treat…and the Paul Randal “Answerku” haiku is remarkable and makes a wonder reading ful time so succinctly true…it’s the first comment following the poem and was posted – one of then 61 thoughts on DGG – December 25, 2017.

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      1. I “Liked” only to gain entry to comment: what? I will not trek down that semantical slipway seeking salmon on the way up. You write, and write well, weller than so many I enjoy reading. So, there!

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  6. Great question, Yassy. I’d say, based on my own experience, that love and hate meet only when love recognizes truth in hate, and hate recognizes truth in love. Often against all expectations. Being able to see ourselves in those we ‘hate’ and in those we ‘love’ means, I think, that we have self-understanding. The kind that leads to compassion and empathy rather than the need to score a win. Every adversary and every lover is showing us something true about ourselves–which is why we’re drawn to them, positively as well as negatively.

    Wishing you all the best in the New Year! πŸ™‚

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