sun’s winter trapeze

Merigold sunshine cascades
On meadows that flaunt their green
Frail petals of blossoms trail
Draping perfumed pace.

Butterflies toss the ginger air
Birds, bees sway in ballet hues
Knolls frolic in emerald , olive
As sun drips yellow

Igniting chill
Wind cruises  pearly mist
Chiming encores..

61 thoughts on “sun’s winter trapeze

      1. Really, I am sure your nose is turning red lol , are you all warm and packed , Lord Zoolon !
        Walking backwards hahahahaha, sounds like a poem. Well, you should stay put at your studio.

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      2. I’ve been known to crab my way sideways to such bitter winds in broken-thermometer times in climes other than where now I find people staring at my cargo shorts and tee shirts in high 40-degree frostfree zones of Central Florida. I want a modest two- or three-day freeze of 28 or 30 just to encourage the fleas to find new digs and to sweeten the collard greens. My heartfelt sympathies, Zoolon, your last Lordship of Tundra Times.

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      3. Nice one Sir Richwrapper. Respect. What I’d give for fleas! Tundra has nothing on the White Cliffs of Dover (where I live) when the wind blows from the East (basically, Russia). As my dad often – too often – says, ‘It could freeze the b***s off a brass monkey’.

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  1. Thank you, Yassy, for that wonderful slice of poetry. Ginger air. Already I plan many thefts. And I am ‘minded to set out the sheltered gingers and galangals to soak up the coming warmth – 80s by Monday almost to the weekend.

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  2. So much description from the motion of the butterfly, the movement of the bee, all the way to the chill in the air! You could almost smell the beauty of the winter weather as you read this and it was impossible not to visualize. Your words are as beautiful as your soul, you are incredible.šŸŒ¹šŸŒ¹šŸŒ¹

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  3. Winter sun is an amazing trick of Nature. However, this short but awesome poetry work gives an incredible insight into the beauty of Nature and how it evolves. More ink to your pen and more grease to your elbow last Yassy.

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