Exhaling stars

At night, I sit gazing at the moon,
Inking ambrosial silvered dewdrops;
Dancing shadows lengthen and swoon,
From mountains, flowers and treetops.

Silence speaks to me in the dark,
Hear the hushed sleep of larks in nest;
Nocturnal aromas blossom a spark,
A star presses upon my breast.

Mildewed memories stir up my mind,
Winter cold breaks upon my breath;
Sky and clouds ethereally entwined,
Sheer chill upon my skin bequeath.

Drawn into a reverie hypnotic,
Moonbeams illumine eventide in verse;
Amethyst warms aurora exotic,
Mellifluous epiphany spill echoes.

Night's syllables fall upon my ears,
Shaping thoughts, kindling cheers.

85 thoughts on “Exhaling stars

  1. “Silence speaks to me in the dark” after reading it completely I managed to pick my fav lines but I have a couple of more lines from this that caressed my heart!
    This is serene, powerful and beautiful like you Y!

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  2. yes, this is so beautiful. if i could put it to words this is what i would have wanted to say. now i know why i love it. thank you. i don’t think about it but now i wonder if angels may be present enjoying it too.

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  3. that is really a thought. so much is beyond us and our ability to change. but that does not mean things cannot change. admitting inability and appealing to power beyond comprehension, simply by acknowledging the Power exists and is present and able, allows things that are not possible to happen. i feel it is happening or certainly hope it is. ultimately it requires hearts to be moved. that requires a special ability indeed.

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      1. thank you yassy and for your poem which gives rise to the emotions of eventide contemplations. as you can see it struck a chord with me as all your poetry does. thank you

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  4. i started listening to news, again mainly from alternative sources, after nearly ignoring news for years,
    since it is mostly deception and you don’t know what to believe.

    i was trying to understand what is going on especially recently. After listening to all kinds of things it occurs to me that none of us is capable of knowing what is really taking place. So changing anything seems even more beyond us.

    we each have our part though. it may seem insignificant but it is not. the simple beneficial and kind things we do have more reach than we realize. when the change comes it will be the result of billions of yearning hearts pleading within for what is right and good for the world and each other. that i believe.

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