night’s alchemy

Fireflies lambent 
In twilight's emerald hue...
Night lays bare its scent.

Fireplace burns hushed time
As crackle of flames glitter
On evening's chemise...

Satiny stars flicker
Splattering across ebony
Breathing jeweled dew...

Night's alchemy lures
Syncopated rhapsody
In moonlit octave...

Sleep shadows the eyes
Like keeper of the night
Stars rhythm my dreams...

65 thoughts on “night’s alchemy

      1. I was actually feeling really depressed through the month of October. I can’t stay in Vegas for too long or I get suctioned into the past and its like I have to face a lot of things all over again. I also only have one or two friends I see semi-regularly so have dealt with a lot of feelings of isolation. I’m sure those two go together. I’m leaving back to Phuket in 6 days though!!! Hopefully will stay abroad most of 2018 and travel around Southeast Asia.

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      1. Every one should read your work. It is loving, passionate, emotional, compassionate, intellectual, thought provoking….there just aren’t enough words to describe the depth, and beauty you write for us. Every time I think of you, and I think about you a lot, I ask God to give you a hug for me, since I am not able to :):):)

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      2. I think of you too my dearest sister ๐Ÿ˜˜ stay safe and stay strong and healthy. You say such nice things. I feel great reading your thoughts. Sending you warm hugs. Be well!

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  1. Embers dancing as they fly in the night sky. You paint the most beautiful images Yassy with your words. As soon as I read, itโ€™s like a cinema of beauty starts. You are amazing! This was firetastic!!๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Firetastic!!! Now only you could come up with a word like that. Oh! That brain of yours is too clever and arty ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜œ, you know , i am quite beginning to think I write because I get fabulous comments from you lol

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    1. Thank you , Maria. I missed you there but then I thought I must be late ! I will miss you on twitter ! Be well. Take care. Always here for you and I know you are too. Thank you for your support. But come back soon.


  2. I love this yassy. It is a bit like waking up from sleep and remembering bits of a dream. You can put these in any order and they still make sense and excellent poetry.

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  3. Making me miss summer! Beautiful descriptions and words. Makes me feel like I’m lying down on a snow-less lawn looking up at the milky stars. Beautiful.

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