broken innocence

On the courage of a child
Earth mourns
The shattered innocence
When belly cries
Unresolved hunger
Becomes courage...
Shadows of death 
Cast their reflections
Over bent broken flowers
Armageddon siren cries
As planes growl
Burning the sky
Barrel bombs sniff
Human blood
A sleeping pill
Dictating death
A loss...without color-
Without scent
Weaponing water
Cutting lifelines
Doomsday surrenders..

78 thoughts on “broken innocence

    1. Thank you 😊, Robbie. It’s so nice of you to think that. I think all this thing is getting to me , all that is happening in the world. I am unable to write but I got this out somehow. Thank you for your support.

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      1. I cry as I read this. I hope your prayers and mine will be answered! Let there be peace and harmony and happiness and no poverty no war ! You set a fine example with your posts my little one.

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      2. To have complete peace, no poverty, no war , would be perfection, which I feel is unattainable, especially since man’s heart is only evil continually.But if more of us would try to do all those wonderful things, there would be more of the good than the bad.

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      3. You are so wise ! I feel inspiration flowing as I read your words. I think you can change people , Maggi. Something so very pure and beautiful about the way you sat things.

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      4. I can’t change people, God can πŸ™‚ I can try to love them the best I can that hopefully they will want that love too, and the only way to get it is through Him :):):) You are so kind, and it humbles me more than you know that you see good things in me.

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    1. The nerve gas sarin has no color or odour.
      I doubt whether this world will ever have peace. It’s so sad.
      Thank you 😊 for your thoughts ! Peace and love to you my dear. ❀️


  1. Brilliant and harrowing poetry yassy. The way you have limited the punctuation forces you to be drawn into the poem and creates different meanings with each reading. Each line connects with the one above and below it and they work as separate pieces of poetry.

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  2. Very touching Yassy, another side and the way you write….I know you have many. True to your form of keeping it beautiful but yet so real, this is something that can bring people together. If good weather was based on a beautiful soul, all eyes would be on you. This was something special.

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    1. Yeah , poetry is the only thing real because it’s in front of you and you can read it and own it with your heart. Ah ! What am I your comments are always so special, thank you my good buddy buddy

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      1. You do own your poetry and that’s what makes it and yours so special.❀️. I’m blessed to know you Yassy, you are one of the good ones, don’t ever change.πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m not sure the world will have peace until its Prince returns. And Sarin but the latest incarnation of devastation delivered unto man by man himself – not giving outside influences any credit when sufficient evil lurks within our number and our selves to make the baneful blush. Yet, still, I hold forth more than hope – conviction we will overcome.

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  4. i have been reading rumors they are rounding up child traffickers for prosecution. there is a battle taking place for minds and hearts. the wrong people have been running things. there is no reason the good people of the world cannot work together to provide for everyone.

    the violence has to stop. violent crime against others needs to be punished severely. there is no excuse for continued violence it the world. all it does is hurt innocent people. evil forces use violence to advance their agendas. violence hurts the innocent.

    we each have only a short time on earth even if you live 100 years. ultimately there is nothing to gain by living like that is all that matters. Eternity awaits those who live for it.

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